So, You're a Grad Student?

Can I RT you? Are you linked? Do you have a hang out? If you do not know which social media networks I am referring to and are actively searching for a job in public relations or communications, you will have some trouble.  In this industry, the power of a brand depends on reputation. Reputation depends on the promise your brand delivers, and reminding people with consistent activity. There is little difference between Widget A and Widget B, so one of the widgets must win people over by showing that they are consistent and willing to go the extra mile.
The same is true for people. In this competitive job market, it is no longer enough to simply have a resume and a degree from an accredited institution. You must be able to set yourself apart from the other MBAs or Master of Journalism students to get ahead in the hiring game. Our parents had to pound the pavement; now we have to create it out of thin air on a little thing called new media.  Young professionals are expected to maintain a company brand, portray a certain profile of corporate identity, and use new technologies to do so. It can certainly be concluded that these professionals should be able to do the same type of work in regards to their own personal brand. 
New media allows for a worldwide network rich with career possibilities for the graduate student who knows how to cast that net. If you are struggling to start your own online presence, take into account something that is taught in most strategic communication or planning courses: do your research. Follow journalists or PR professionals that motivate you to further your career. Notice the theme of their posts. Notice their activities online and their networks. If they promote their own work with posts online and you can quickly find out more about them with a simple search, they’ve done their job well.
Next, draft a plan for your brand. You do not have to start with a fancy web site, or profiles on all social networking sites. Start with the one you’re most comfortable using, and with the widest network of your contacts and build from there. The important thing is that you are involved in your reputation online by owning your name and work, and that you are showing potential employers of what you are capable.  

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