New Year, New Web Obsessions

Hello 2013, I thought I'd miss you, what with the Mayans and all the rumors they spread. This year is starting quickly and giving me a lot of new networks to explore. After an "unplugged" vacation, (to catch up on "chick lit," referring to the memoirs that collected dust on my nightstand during a busy semester) I'm back to work to explore the bounties of the World Wide Web, complete with mastering the art of Instagram.  I'm also looking forward to learning more about CSS and other web authoring tools, as I've relied on a few WISYWIGS in my day.

Today, I'm learning the lost art of inline style coding. Before you web authors cringe and call the Webby cops on me, hear me out. I'm attempting to create some simple HTML email templates that can be applied by Outlook. I found a great step by step here and 10 tips for designing HTML emails on Design Shack. 

Design Shack is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites, which just received a fancy face lift. Their filters are pretty neat and you can now save your favorite designs to a collection. 

Another social network captivating my time right now is I just love being able to create my own channels with updates from my favorite blogs and the interface reminds me a bit of the visual impact of Pinterest. Remember? Visual impact is the new black for social bookmarking sites. Sulia is easy to set up and quickly replacing my need for Facebook lists. 

Those are my new favorite bookmarks. I'm surfing on Google Chrome too, so let me know your favorite apps or sites!