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This week I spent some time thinking of ways to incorporate Pinterest into a promotional plan for a conference. A new study shows that 70% of Pinterest users for buying inspiration and I want to see how clear of a connection can be made to planning conference travel and attendance. So I started pinning with good intentions. Then, as 73% of users do, I found the site entertaining and a half hour or so had passed by before I realized my search for infographics had turned into how to rearrange my home office. Addicting, isn’t it?

On a slightly tangential note, I realized I probably spend 15 hours out of the day in an office setting, at work then at home to work on school work. It is important to be comfortable and inspired by your surroundings when you’re in a space for so long. For some reason, I have always been inspired by random office supplies and just random things on my desk. My time at Main Event Entertainment saw a few sets of finger bowling games and fun pens. At UNT I’ve become an office nomad with no permanent location for more than ten months throughout a span of five years but always make an effort to make the temporary spaces a creative zone. Sticky notes- check. Notebooks- check. Hot Wheels monster truck collection- CHECK.

I was really excited when I saw that one of my favorite brands and online communities Apartment Therapy wrote an article about how your workspace can help you accomplish your goals. This comes back to the use of visuals and social communities in marketing, I promise. The premise in the article is to visualize your goals and objectives. This literal pursuit of visual cues leads to motivation. Don’t believe me? Take a look at what Pinterest has done for Carnival Cruise Lines- they’ve quadrupled followers in less than two weeks and turned those followers into vacation planners, voyeurs of voyage, or simply put: sales.

How they succeeded goes back to the use of visualization in marketing. For me, it’s motivation through bright colors, sketching, and fun activities to break away from paperwork and keeps creativity flowing. For more and more consumers, we are finding that social communities are run by pictures. Forty four percent of respondents to a 2012 study by ROI Research said they were more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media. “Snap,” is my reaction to both reading the news, and my advice on how to grow your followers.   

Even the White House is into it: AP Photographer Pablo Martinez Monsivais’ work goes viral.
I did a little more research and found Moleskine on Evernote. Moleskine, the notebook people! The scribble source for many creative people: there’s an app for that now. I cannot decide which is most creative, the app that uses the cult of the notebook for their product development, or the bounded paper sellers that uses Apple’s iOS to create more cult members of their paper product. Moleskine has harnessed the power of visual media to create one of the world's most active, prolific, and creative online communities. They focus on user generated content to create their visual community, so I’m going to go ahead and give the win to them. 
Here’s Moleskine on Pinterest, which is a perfect segue into more time devoted to pinning. I’ll just tell myself I’m driving my productivity by visualizing it. 

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